Friday, September 3, 2010

Note to self

I don't want:
  • to start school on Tues
  • my husband to take double shifts and work 12 hours in one day. ever. again.
  • my house to be messy (anyone want to clean it for me?)
  • to cook dinner
  • my baby to hurt from her teeth anymore
  • to feel like this ==> slob

Not the fun last few days of freedom I'd envisioned for myself.

Step 1:
  • Clean the house....
....the rest always seems to fall in line after that :)


Anonymous said...

You are NOT a slob! You're right about the clean house - once it's done everything falls into place! You can think better and accomplish more in a clean space! Brady is such a hard worker and takes such good care of his family! I know that less hours in a work day will be nice so he can play with you and Liv, too!

Willi Nixon said...

i am DREADING school, so i can't even imagine having baby o at home and going back :/ you are amazing!

debi said...

Oh boy...hate days like that!!! One of my worse nightmares was when we had the flu all week-end, the 2 little boys and Pat and I. Anywho...the house looked like a bomb hit it. I woke up with a somewhat good attitude on Monday and told the little guys that we were going to McDonalds for breakfast and then come home to dig in. Meanwhile, mother and father- in law dropped by while up in Provo for a Dr.'s appt. I was soooo mortified that they saw our house like that!!!
Please remember that most of us remember what it is like to be busy with school, work and little ones. Hang in there and now you will have funny stories to tell on yourself too :)
We love you guys and proud of how hard you both try!!!
Love, mom and dad Oregon