Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last one. I promise.

I'm desperately trying to get all these posts out before school starts because if I don't do it now, it will never happen. I know this to be fact because that's exactlywhat happened at Christmas.

And for the record, I don't assume that anyone cares. This blog serves as a record for me and my family, and I get my blog printed into books which is why I document everything. Just for those of you thinking I'm insane for posting this much in a one week period.

That is, if you care that much.

While we were at the concert, Baby boo was playing with cousins andGrams and Gramps.

When I saw their snapshots of the evening, I was giggling up a storm at the walrus's that showed up for playtime. No doubt that Grampy was behind it. And I also couldn't get over what a bright blue Livy loo's eyes are. And I loved all the cousins in their matching jammies from Grammy and Grampy.

My baby wants to be a walrus too.

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting us go out, giving us a break throughout the week, and hosting such a wonderful partial family reunion! Don't care what anyone says- I have the best parents ever! (wish the rest of the family could have been there too)


Anonymous said...

Her eyes are gorgeous! We had so much fun! I loved all the jammies, too and wanted a picture of them all lined up in a row, but they were having too much fun to stand (or sit) still!

JeffKathnkids said...


I LOVE your blog and everything you put in it! Dont ever apologize...I get so excited to see my sweet baby friend and how you and Brady are doing.

I love you guys!


taryn said...

Thanks Kathleen! You are such a sweetheart and I appreciate it :) We love you too!!!

caroline said...

Love all the pictures! All the cousins in their jammies look like they have so much fun together! What a fun time! Wish we could've been there to see you and all of those cuties in person! Luckily you document well and take amazing pictures....that will have to do for now (sigh) until we get to see you all. Miss you and love you!

mandy harline said...

I know what you mean about getting photos up on the 'ol blog....for me, my blog and I have a love-hate relationship :)
And don't worry about all the posts! People who really love you guys love all the posts!!! ( people like me ;) )