Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simply Mac

I think B has found his #2 dream job. Simply Mac. He's been working there for several months now, and has managed to be the top salesman in the company each and every month! And if that's not impressive, he's only part time. That's right, he outsells every one of the full time employees (he even won a new mac book pro AND an ipod touch this month). I'm really proud of him and all of his hard work.

Sometimes me and Liv go down to visit him to pass the time (and because we both really miss him when he's gone). One time the store was completely empty so we used photo booth on one of the comps.

Maybe we love on her a little too much? Nah.

Twin Livies? Yes please (but not really, I think I'd die if I had twins right now. I highly respect and admire all mothers of twins).

So far this month has been even more amazing for him than the others. He is already WAY ahead of everyone else and is now just setting his own personal goals because he shatters the company goals each month. Everyday he comes home and I ask "how was your day today?" thinking that I may have to console him if it didn't go as well, but everyday he surprises me by telling me how great it was. I keep waiting for the day when he's disappointed that he wasn't able to sell as much, when I will comfort him by reminding him that he is already above and beyond what anyone expected...still waiting for that day to come. For now, I don't mind riding this tidal wave of good luck/blessings.

We are so thankful that he was able to find this job where he can work only part time and still make enough for our tiny family to get by. He has a great manager who is willing to work with our (my) ridiculous school schedule and his manager's wife has even offered to babysit Liv so that Brady could work full time. We haven't decided on that yet, but how nice to have everyone be understanding and willing to help us out. Such a great company, and another wonderful blessing in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Brady is crazy AMAZING!! All the fun prizes are adding up! You are a great hard worker and Simply MAC is lucky to have you - but it is really nice that they work with your crazy schedule!
I LOVE twin Livies - twice the cuteness!

Dave and Jessica said...

Cute! I can't believe Livy is getting so big! She is a doll! Glad to hear work is going so well for your hubby as well...and they are great to work with your schedule...because it IS crazy!

Mrs. Ham said...

he did sell us into an iphone cover!!

Scottie and Angie said...

Way to go Brady!!! That is so great. I love the twin pic of Olivia! Good luck with school Tare now that it's starting again. I hope it goes fast. Love and miss you. I will be in Utah for a quick visit in October. Scottie's little sis is getting married. WE should have a girls night...will you be in town on the 9th?

AmyJ said...

Great job, B!! That's awesome!! Love the pictures at Daddy's work!! So cute!

The Hennagans said...

Hey Taryn! Miranda told me your blog was linked on hers, so I came to check it out. ADORABLE! Miss Olivia is getting so big. She's beautiful, just like her Mommy! It looks like your sweet family is doing very well!

Tyler + Zahara said...

Okay that is amazing! Top seller ever month?! KUDOS to Brady :)

PS I'm alittle jealous that you guys have gotten a free Mac AND Ipod touch!!