Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today's fortunately/unfortunately

Fortunately: The front desk found and scheduled a patient for me today.
Unfortunately: This patient speaks only espanol.

Fortunately: I speak un poco espanol.
Unfortunately: I find out that said patient is deaf

Fortunately: Patient can read lips.
Unfortunately: It might be a little hard to read my little spanish lips since a) I don't really speak Spanish and b) I'll be wearing a mask over my mouth the entire time.

Fortunately: I can use hand gestures.
Unfortunately: I find out moments later that said patient is also mentally handicapped.

I was nervous as it was since its been three weeks since I've even thought about dental hygiene much less picked up an explorer...and now I feel an even worse churn in my stomach. How will I do this?

Fortunately: I love a good challenge!
Even more fortunately: This patient is a SWEETHEART!!!

My favorite part of dental hygiene is getting to know the patients and making them feel comfortable. It makes all the crappy paperwork, PE pass offs, and schoolwork worth it.

Its one of those days I'm reassured I picked the right profession. As much as I didn't really feel like seeing a patient today, the moment I began, all the feelings of self doubt melted away. Its nice to feel like I really know what I'm doing. I can't wait to see this patient again (and go at all that calculus)!!!


Dave and Jessica said...

As unfortunate as your day was Taryn, at least you weren't unfortunate enough to get a case of TB that had to be dismissed. I was unfortunate enough to not get anything done today! Sounds like you were a little more fortunate than me! :)

taryn said...

So sorry Jess! I was actually scared that he wasn't going to show up, but he did. Just an hour late, lol. It ended up being a very fortunate day!!

Dustin and Whit said...

that seriously made me laugh, you are the perfect woman for the job!

debi said...

You are soooo hilarious!!! Haylee and I are laughing sooo hard! Do you remember when we went to church 1st in Spanish and then in sign language.
Love ya!!!

Kendra said...

Wow. That sounds like it was really rough. Way to stick through it and with a smile on your face! :)

Anonymous said...

This was s fun to read! Daddy and I laughed out loud! (good writing) I love your positive mental attitude! Sounds like you could be working on him for a few visits - hey, how about for rebs? You're a good, hard worker!
Love you all! mom

the hansen's said...

Are you kidding?!! That is all so ironic. haha

Jeremy and Natalie said...

oh my goodness! i kept thinking "how can there be another 'unfortunately' after all this?!" you're amazing!

AmyJ said...

Wow...those are some crazy "unfortunatelies" Glad you got through it with such positive feelings :)