Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my pathetic/lazy attempt to tame unruly curls.


Anonymous said...

Did you crunch it? I love her curls! I just found the cutest picture of Brady at that age with his crazy hair. You will love it.
Keep the pictures coming...we live for them :)
Debi Grandma

taryn said...

Haha Debi, I want to see that picture! She wakes up from naps with hair like this! It won't comb down, so this is usually the result, lol.

Anonymous said...

oh funny...I thought you had thrown a little mousse in it. It actually looks darling.
I bet my "baby" can bet the crazy curly hair contest :)

taryn said...

Oh I'm sure he can! His hair was crazy all the time! Hers is only curly right after naps, other than that its pretty tame, and even straight at times. Still fun for me though because I don't get to have different look like she does!

Laura Beth said...

Who knew Liv was a little curlmonster.. not me. Her hair always just looked a tad wavy. She is adorable ALL the time. I am also in love with the photos from your last post. I meant to comment but forgot.

Thanks for your commenting on my blog. Love it.