Thursday, October 7, 2010

things I want to always remember...

{about my 12 month and 3 week old baby}
  1. how she buries her head in her blankie and says "awwww"
  2. how happy her 4 teeth (mand. centrals and max. centrals) make me. she can ACTUALLY take bites of things. very exciting, trust me
  3. how she copies what we do and as a result, knows that a brush is for hair, a toothbrush is for teeth, mascara is for eyes (ha), etc.
  4. how she tries to put everyone's shoes on- i attribute this to her cousin addie bean. she saw addie wearing everyone's shoes around in park city,and now she hasn't stopped trying to do the same
  5. how she leans her head forward when she sees a hair clip, basically asking me to put it in
  6. how she loves to scribble, and gets very serious and concerned about it. then when she sees that she did, indeed, make some scribbles on the paper she proudly giggles
  7. how she understands me when I say "go pick up your juice cup and bring it to me" or "go get your blankie and bring it to me" and she actually brings them to me!
  8. how she takes all the wipes out of her wipe container.
  9. how she takes the silverware out of the dishwasher one by one and throws it in the trash.
  10. how she takes the shoes we have sitting by the door, and puts them in the dishwasher. (can i tell you how funny doing the dishes is at our house? i turn around to see a shoe occupying the space for theplate i'm holding)
  11. how she loves to throw her juice cup in the trash
  12. how, if we open our arms to her, she RUNS to us and flings herself at us to catch her and squeeze her tight
  13. how she is obsessed with her diapers. the used ones. when I wrap it into a ball, her sole purpose in life for the next 10 seconds is to get that ball of pee pee diaper. gross.
  14. how adorably concerned she is in this picture, and how if you study it closely you can see that her (my) lip gloss is mid fall.
  15. how she now says "ra ra" instead of "yeah yeah" when asked what sound a doggie makes. getting closer to"ruff ruff" :)
  16. how she's trying to bring back feathered hair
  17. how she, all the sudden, knows how to wear a purse
  18. how while I'm cuddling her in the dark, and softly singing her night night song, she will still try to bounce/dance to the music....half asleep


Kris and Megan said...

I love this list! Very sweet. Don't you love when they can follow directions?! Such smart little cookies. And the shoes in the dishes and other items in the trash crack me up. Landon says "rah rah" for what a doggy says too! She is just adorable Taryn. Hope your stress at school lets up... When it rains it pours sometimes! :)

BradyH said...

Im so glad you posted these T! I think my favorite thing right now is (#12) that she is finally giving hugs, esp how her face is so excited when she realizes our arms are open for her to run in to:)

debi said...

Joy Joy Joy...that is what this sweet post brought to me!
Love Mom and Grandma

Miranda said...

LOVE the mascara pic!! Such a sweet girl!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love this! It's so sweet :) What a big girl she is becoming, crazy! I love her purse picture ha adorable.

Carrie said...

sweet little livy. i love that little girl. she's learning how to be nice and girly from her mama : ) with the purses and cute.

Anonymous said...

Liv is amazing! How fun to hear all about these milestones! She is beautiful and I love all these adorable things she is doing - makes me want to move in with you so I can watch her first hand - don't worry, I won't!:) I know this post is for you so you can always remember this special time of growth, but I'm so glad you share with us all!

the hansen's said...

What a sweetie pie :] I love my niece!!

caroline said...

cute and funny girl! some of these things sound very familiar :)