Sunday, November 7, 2010

{alone time}

As much as I miss the two loves of my life...I have enjoyed some alone time. I got to sleep in on Saturday for the first time in 13 months. Like good sleep in, where there were no noises of a screaming/crying baby in the background. I slept pretty deep til 9:00am and then I woke up totally ready for the day...but decided I might as well sleep a little longer, so I did. It was awesome.

I've written an easy paper for school that has been on my "to do" list every weekend since the beginning of the semester. Feels good to finally get it done and crossed off. I cleaned the house, and organized my closet.

Best of all, I've finally gotten a jump start on my studying for anesthesia boards! That's right, before this weekend I hadn't even started studying for one of the biggest tests of my life. And its in December, only a month away. I was having a lot of trouble buckling down and studying for it, but now that I'm 7 chapters into the book, I'm feeling like its do-able. I still might not pass, but now at least I know I tried.

 Now off to take a nice hot bath.


danielle said...

does this mean I won't be sleeping in til 9am for another year?!?! hahah. I am SOOO glad you are able to totally relax, well as much as you can with school. How nice to actually get some of your "to do" list done as well! enjoy your "me" time!!

Anonymous said...

good girl...I really hope you enjoyed yourself!!! Let me know if I can "tend your babies" again ;)
Missed you but so glad you had a minute to yourself!!!

taryn said...

Haha Dan! I hope your little one will sleep in later than mine :) She's a great sleeper and sleeps 11 hours at night, but we've trained her to go to bed early, which is awesome because we can get a lot done at night, but unfortunately it also means she wakes quite early in the morn :) Maybe I just need to go to bed earlier...