Sunday, November 7, 2010

{phone calls}

I'm thankful for phone calls from friends. I'm the world's worst about picking up the phone and calling anyone. The truth is, for the most part, I hate talking on the phone. But not when its with a good friend. That's why I'm thankful that other people are so good about calling to chat and catch up. That should probably be one of my New Year's resolutions. Today my lovely friend Angie, who lives in Ohio, called to chat and it was such a treat for me. Especially since B and Liv are gone. Thanks for brightening my day Ang!

Girls night in October

When Angie was visiting for her sis-in-law's wedding, the few of us who are still here got together to do what we do best = chat and eat! We had corn chowder, yummy breads, and delicious cinnamon apple dessert! Anne was there too, but left before the pic. I look hideous in those scrubs. I didn't realize how terrible they look on me because I see 59 girls Mon through Thurs who look good in them. I also have to note our hands. We were dying over it!


Carrie said...

i hate talking on the phone, too, but i love having good friends, who you're so close with. that's so fun that you were able to catch up.

also, i'm happy for you that you've been able to enjoy a little alone time this weekend. how nice to get some sleep, some much needed study time and a warm bath!

Amber said...

I was roommates with Liz! We went to Tonga together. She is so sweet. You need to tell her hi for me!

Scottie and Angie said...

Tare your post just made to SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!! I am happy you enjoyed our conversation as much as I did! We NEED to always stay in touch even though it gets harder and harder as we live apart :(
Also I love our picture of girls night the hands....and mostly all the good memories that went along with that night.

danielle said...

i am just like you when it comes to the phone. I would rather email/text. haha. dunno why. That is fun that you were able to catch up with your friends, always a good treat!

Kristi said...

I hate talking on the phone too unless it's with a good friend...just like you said. I would rather text or email. I have a serious phone phobia about calling people that might not know who I then I might have to say "this is kristi dickinson" instead of just "this is kristi"...very strange I know. Glad you got a GNO, those are fun times!