Monday, November 15, 2010

{New words}

photo by WhitneyAsay
Lately the Livster has really been mimicking sounds. She will randomly mimick things like "i love you' (which B got on tape) or "night night' etc, but there are some definite words that she says all the time.

shoe (ssshh-eww)
hot (ot)
cheerio (ssshh-ew-o)
banana (nana)
light (ite)

She is such a blessing.

I know I say it a lot, but its such a sweet privilege to watch her grow.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl! I want to hear her sweet little voice in person and I can't wait! She looked so big and "tall" in your previous post - maybe it's the knee socks! It has been way too long since I last saw her!
Hope all is going well with school Taryn (and Brady, too)! I am excited for your anesthesia boards and then vacation and the FINAL stretch!
love you all,

Carrie said...

aww, that's so fun when they start talking. cute, cute, cute. i want to hear her little words. maybe on friday!

Kendra said...

It's so fun when they start talking! The mimicking is bound to be hours of good times. And that picture of her is just to die for. I love it!

Eric said...

it's a double edged sword for certain. now you have to watch what you say because she might just choose that to randomly repeat in awkward circumstances.

Ben and Megan said...

She is still the cutest little girl I know! And dang, she's got Tucker beat in the word department. She's doing great!