Thursday, November 18, 2010

check it out

This semester is coming to an end, which inevitably means that lots of tests, presentations, papers, and requirements are due very soon. For me, it also means that my anesthesia Boards are coming waaayyy too fast. I'm feeling excited and nervous.....all the time. 

But now its the weekend, and for a few minutes I forgot about everything and had a dance party with my husband and baby. Today, I'm thankful for music- all of it. Thankful for how it can cheer me up when I'm sad, or just let me sulk {without judgement} if I'm depressed. Or, on days like today, let me forget everything and live in the moment.

The song of choice today was "Check it out" by Will.I.Am (clean version). Olivia is learning to move her feet to the music {so cute I can't even handle it} and she LOVES when we dance with her.


Anonymous said...

good luck with all upcoming projects and all that lovely studying!!!
Post a video of Livy dancing...loved the one with the office music!!!

Love you

Mom/Debi :)

Scottie and Angie said...

I am happy you got a chance to party before it's crack down time!!!!!!! Good luck with everything:)