Monday, November 22, 2010

{the office}

We have a few seasons of The Office on DVD and we like to watch an episode or two at the end of the day to unwind.
Olivia has learned to recognize the opening song, and will drop whatever she's doing (including throwing a fit) to dance to it:

And here is one more (we played the song like 4 times that night for her) where you can see her new dancing feet for just a second:


Eric said...

That's awesome...she has some solid moves there. I think she should take it on the road.

We do the same type of thing to unwind only our pet show of late is Seinfeld. Last night we were watching King of Queens and Jack recognized a guy who was also a character on Seinfeld and was really mad that he was out of place. I think we let them watch too much tv.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I love how she stopped fussing, got so excited, and started clapping - so cute! I love her cute little dancing feet in the second one! What a talented little doll! I think they should use her for a TV add about the office!

Carrie said...

that's so cute. she's such a big girl now. i love it!

Ben and Megan said...

Oh my gosh, she's the cutest. And I think Tucker has a new crush. How about in say 25 years if their both not married yet we can make a deal?

brook said...

hahaha i love that in the first video, you can see the tantrum before and after
that is so classic!!!
love it