Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Date NIght}

I was excited all week for our date night on Friday! 
What did we do? 
Went to see Harry Potter of course. 
We shared a giant drink and giant popcorn that we didn't even get halfway through.
This was our first time seeing a movie together in the theater since Avatar. 
Loved it. So much suspense and drama, and I only cried once :)

*I highly recommend going to a theater with assigned seating. We bought tickets online and then didn't have to get there early or wait in line.  If you haven't read the books, and you go see this you'll most likely be completely lost.


Kendra said...

I'm jealous. I totally want to see it. What theater did you go to? Also, your hair looks cute!

taryn said...

Thanks Kendra! You and Miles should totally go see it. We went to Jordan commons. Assigned seating was so nice!

danielle said...

aww glad you guys had fun!!

Sarah said...

Ooo, sounds fun! I need to catch up on my Harry Potter movies before I go see this one.

Miranda said...

Can I get your address for wedding stuff? You can email it to me at Thanks girlie!

Anonymous said...

Date night is so important to a couple's sanity!
I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter - I hear good things! Kepp up with the dates and the fun!

kjirsten said...

We just saw Harry Potter last night! I havn't read the books, and didn't even see the last two movies . . . but I did O.K. (I think) At least I didn't think I was too lost :) But it did make me WANT to read the books, especially with it being a cliffhanger . . . I'll probably realize how lost I didn't know I was . . . when I read the books! I really liked it though -- a lot!!!! Glad you guys got a night out! (We went took Quinn's parents and Liam and two of his friends. -- not quite the escape you guys had, but still fun!)