Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving on

Things to be HAPPY about

-Our car is still running after 15 yrs. and 140,000+ miles. Its pretty unattractive, the sunroof doesn't work, the leather is starting to rip, its got dents and scratches all over, and it makes really interesting noises, but when you consider all that its been through its actually quite amazing. I like to think that it knows how much we need it to just get us through this last semester. I might actually be sad when we send it to the dump.

-O is very kissy, huggy, and sweet (really I could go on and on). This is what gets me through the days (like today) when she screams at the top of her lungs over and over, for fun.

-Brady does so many nice things for me all the time. For example, he rubs my back pretty much everyday (because I complain that my back hurts pretty much everyday), he lets me takes naps while he watches O, he scrapes the ice and snow off the car, he takes out the trash (I hate taking the trash out so much), he makes dinner when I have to stay late for school, and he tells me I'm beautiful and that I have cute ears (I thought it was funny, but flattering none the less, that he would notice something like that).

-I'm sooo close to being done with DH school, and I've managed to make it through with all A's and one B (darn you Perio I). I have to think of this at least once a day to push myself to jump through the hoops for a few more months.

-I have the best family and in-laws! Its just true, I don't even need to explain it. But I guess I will anyway. My sweet sweet in-laws took Olivia for finals week last semester so B could study for his last finals at BYU and I could study for my finals and Anesthesia Boards. I wouldn't have been able to take my Boards if they hadn't been willing to do that. They also kept her for a few extra days after B and I traveled home (which was a huge blessing because of our crazy drive back) and we had some alone time to get our home in order.

-A new year and a fresh start!

Don't look back, move forward, forgive and forget, live for the future.
This time I promise to try harder. Cheers to 2011.

Also can we take a second to note the date: 1/11/11. I admit to being a dork, but you have to admit its pretty cool.


Scottie and Angie said...

yay for such a happy post! I agree with today's date being special. November 11th will be cool too:) I am so excited for you to be done with DH school and congrats for all the As.............. that is so impressive, even though I must say I am not surprised! Love you

Kristi said...

What a nice post. It's always good to remember to be happy, stay positive and count our blessings. It can be hard sometimes in this overwhelming and negative world, but that's why I am so thankful for the gospel.

Anonymous said...

I love your car too and am thankful it conrinues to MOVE! It's so nice to get you or Brady to and from work!
Has your newer car been fixed from the accident? You guys had plenty of adventures over the holidays!
It is good to keep looking forward - 2011 will hold some really great surprises for you guys' future! Hang in there, the end is in sight and April will be filled with excitement and graduations!
love you all,

danielle said...

i feel the same about my car...white lightning. It sure is a "gem!" haha. Isn't it nice to have some things to be happy about?! makes me think of all that I am happy for...thanks for making me do that!

Willi Nixon said...

love this video :)