Monday, January 17, 2011

My favorite day

There are just too many things I don't want to forget.
 So here are pictures from my favorite day this week: Sunday. 

Me and my baby playing after church
(yes I will call her a baby until I have another one, even though technically she's not. 
SO cliche to say this, but she will ALWAYS be my baby).
Lately Liv has been a naughty little girl. 
She's clingy, and screams a lot, and wants to be held non-stop. For example, she is sitting on my lap on the couch and then screams and points to a toy she wants on the other side of the room. I set her down so she can go get it, and she screams and cries because I set her down and she wants to be held. I have to carry her to her toy so she can pick it while I'm still holding her, and then sit on the ground, still holding her while she plays with it.
As frustrating as that is, every time she goes off to bed all I want to do is wake her back up and play some more. And when B finally gets home I can't wait to tell him all the adorable, funny, smart things she did instead of complaining that she took every ounce of my time.
I went to lunch with some friends from school on Friday, and they asked how hard it is to have a baby (babies are on the mind at UCDH since school is ending so soon). I said it was really hard. Now I wish I could take saying that back. Sometimes I feel like I have to prepare people for all the hard things of having babies, but I think most people know its hard. All you really need to know is that it is sooo worth it. If I could go back I would say, "the good always outweighs the bad". All I can really say is that you just won't understand until you have a child. I thought that I knew becuase I had lots of neices and nephews and I loved them so much, but you love your own children even more. Just think of how bad the bad things sound, and then realize how good the good must be if people keep wanting to have more kids :)
More than anything I feel so bad for Liv because she is in the process of getting all 4 of her molars in at once, and she has an awful diaper rash :( She is usually a good girl, but I still love her even when she's naughty.
This is my favorite picture right now! 
I told Brady that her eyes just look so happy, but I think he hit the nail on the head when he said 
she looks secure in her happiness.
I want that security to be there for her forever. I hope that she is always herself and feels confident and secure in who she is. I can already see so much of her spirit and personality. She is honestly so amazing. She is funny, and spunky, and smart as a whip. She loves to make us laugh (now every time we ask her if she wants to go 'night night' she says, 'no' and waits for us to laugh and then laughs. I know this is a joke because she used to always say yes, and sometimes even ask to go 'night night') and she is so tender and compassionate. She wants to give us kisses all the time (on the cheek, on the hand, on the other cheek) and she wants to give every dog she sees a kiss (whether its a stuffed animal or a dog in a book, on tv, in real life, or on a calendar in the middle of the aisle at Michael's).

16 month stats
-weight: 5th-10th percentile (18 lbs- still no front facing carseat)
-height: 50th percentile (what?)


Anonymous said...

Oh MY!!! What a "baby" Dolly!! I love this girl so much - so sweet and cute! I really really wish we could spend some long quality time with her! I feel like I know her (thanks to the pictures, posts, and texts) but I fear she does not know me!
I LOVE that bottom picture - so precious and priceless! I also love the picture of her laughing and agree with you and Brady about her happiness and security!
What a joy for you to come home to such a girl and hubby after school each day and how fun each week end must be to spend special time with each of them!
love to you all,

Ben and Megan said...

I love that kissing picture! She's so cute and I love to read about how much you love her. It picks me up when Russel and Tucker are "being naughty"! Haha

Carrie said...

what a precious kissing picture. that's so good that you're able to see the positive. sometimes i get blinded but i always come back to the realization that my kids are THE BEST thing in the whole world and i wouldn't give them up, no matter HOW hard it is. it makes me sad that some people don't want kids. they don't know what they're missing.

and she'll 'always be your baby' comment- i STILL say that about griffy and it's TRUE. he's HUGE and i still see him as a baby. i still talk baby talk to him too. just today i was telling brad, 'i wonder if i'll still pinch his cheeks and talk to him like a baby when he's 29 with a wife and three kids.'


Kristi said...

You are a great mom, Taryn. Always looking on the positive side of things. I am constantly inspired by your optimistic attitude. I consider myself a pretty positive person but you make me want to be even more grateful and happy and positive. I love the kissing picture. Sometimes I wish Nathan would take pictures of me playing with the kids or holding them or hugging them. I always feel weird to say, hey, take some pictures of me while I love on the kids. haha. But I should anyway because I know that it would be really special for my children someday. Is this a long post or what?! For me, the best time of day is when I have picked up all the kids from school. It's like a new day (even though it's 3:00) and we are all so happy to see each other and I'm refreshed from having a little break while they were gone. Okay, well this has been long enough. :)

Kris and Megan said...

GREAT post Taryn. Except I still call Landon my baby even though we have a newborn now!! haha. This was so sweet to read and I loved what you said about the good outweighing the bad. That is the truth. But at the same time it can be so easy to want to prepare people for the tough stuff ahead. I liked how you put it though. Liv is such a cutie!!

Miranda said...

LOVE that last pic! Just so precious!

Scottie and Angie said...

The things Moms do right??? I also love the kissing picture. Ps I agree she will always be your little baby!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love your kissing picture! So adorable :)