Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine, Valentine

I spent Vday at school and Brady spent it at work. Brady's niece is such a sweetheart and babysits Liv for the 2 hours of overlap between my school and Brady's work, which means that we actually don't see each other on Mondays and Wednesdays until he comes home from work around 10:30.

Brady completely surprised me and sent me an edible bouquet at school! Hey, I don't care what anyone says, the way to a man's AND woman's heart is through food. I shared it with my classmates and we were all very appreciative of this gesture :)
Sidenote: This is my friend Megs. If you want to read a funny story go here.
I was crying with laughter about it, because she seriously had no idea.
Thanks Z for taking this picture! I just couldn't post the one with me in it because I looked so disgusting.
Since we knew we wouldn't really be together on Vday, we celebrated on Sunday by making home made individual heart shaped pizzas. It was really fun and I think it will become a tradition. Apparently heart shaped pizza was all the rage this year as everyone I know seemed to have it too. I don't even care, it's my tradition now too!

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Miranda said...

Those pizzas are precious! I think Joe and I need to make that a tradition as well!