Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look out boys...

Livy kissing Colson
Penelope's Blessing {2.5.11}

Just stopping in quickly because I love this little picture of my kissy girl.
And if you were wondering, YES- we are already worried for her teenage years.

I had a wonderful b-day, especially because my parents were in town! I do have some videos and pics I hope to post sometime soon (tomorrow?).  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday evening. I'll just be sitting here waiting for me husby to come home to me.


Laura Beth said...

I love this picture! Haha she is going to be a pro kisser. You're right, watch out! hahah look at those lips.

My main reason for commenting. I'm glad you say husby instead of hubby. Hubby sounds obese to me. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved being able to recieve some kisses from those sweet lips myself! We had the best time with Liv and getting to know her again - hope she remembers us! What a special little sweety! I love how she loves to share her kisses, either by really kissing or by blowing kisses to everyone! Love this pic or her and Colson!

Kristi said...

So sweet. It doesn't even look like Livy, she looks so grown up! I love Colson's sweet smile too. Glad you had an awesome birthday. Can't wait to see more pics!

Danee said...

This is adorable :] What a cutie pie! Glad to hear you had a good b-day! How fun to have your parents around!

caroline said...

Love this picture! Those are some cute puckered little
Iips! I call Mikers my husby too;) hehe!

mandy harline said... how adorable is this??!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Colson! What an adorable picture. Happy Valentine's day darlins :)
Love, Mom and Gma