Tuesday, February 22, 2011


No, not basketball hoops (although I did just watch a very interesting documentary called "More Than a Game" which may or may not be the reason I'm thinking about hoops) Hoops that you have to jump through to get from point A all the way to point Z.

I get asked a lot if I'm so excited for graduation, and if I just can't believe its so close, and if I can't wait. The answer to everything is YES, but before I can really even fathom the fact that its really going to happen I have a few BIG hoops to jump through:

-Anesthesia mock boards (Yeah, I did already pass REAL anesthesia boards. Still had to jump through this hoop though): CHECK! (got this over with today)
-2 mid-terms {tomorrow} so why am I blogging? I don't know either.
-1 more the following week
-Table Clinic
-Mock WREB (clinical) Boards
-National written Boards {an 8 hour written test}
-Another Mock written boards
-Finals week
-Process of Care Exam {a brand new exam in addition to WREB clinical Boards that must be passed as well}
-WREB (clinical) Boards

And then it will be time to celebrate. Well, that is, if I pass every single one of those exams and don't die somewhere on the way.


Megan said...

Ohhhhhhh boy. I'll be whispering lots of little prayers for you Tare. That's a lot, but if anyone can do it, you sure can. Love ya!

Willi Nixon said...

Taryn how are we all still alive? This is one of the most stressful times of my life. But hey, just keep telling yourself that no matter what, in the end, you will be a hygienist :)

Anonymous said...

Godd luck over the next two months!! You really are "Little Miss Busy"! Like my old exercise guru always says "You can do it"!
I wish I could be more helpful - but just know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers! One difficult thing at a time and one day you'll wake and realize that YOU DID IT!
Lobe you,

caroline said...

positive vibes going your way...we are thinking of you and wishing you increased strength over the next few months. all of those hoops will make graduation day all the more glorious. really. love you!