Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm boring...but they aren't

Right now I'm pretty boring. I'm not doing the 30 day clothes challenge like so many others, because 20 days of the 30 I wear ugly blue scrubs (as proven by every picture of me on this blog). Thanks UCDH. I don't get to do any crafts right now and I'm not allowed to watch tv or go on dates (for real, that's what our teacher told us) until the end of April. My blog needs a serious facelift and I haven't set foot in the mall in months. And to top it off I am mentally and physically drained and just so ready to be done with school so I can get on with my life already!

Since I'm so boring/depressing/you name it I will lead you to 2 of my beautiful, talented, and creative friends.

Leanne used to be in my ward but has since moved away. I hadn't been to her blog Elle Apparel in awhile, but she is doing some really great stuff over there. There is actually a giveaway going on (today is the last day). If any of you are like me, you fell in love with Anthropologie's ruffle shower curtain. Don't worry, Leanne has a tutorial for how to make your own on her blog. I am seriously impressed. See her Etsy shop here.

And now head over to Mama Mia, where my friend Adri is blowing me away with her talent and creativity. I can't really say enough good things about Adri. Not only is she so talented, but she is also THE nicest person. She watches Liv for us sometimes on Mondays even though she is so busy with orders and 2 boys of her own, and she even made a bracelet and hairclip for Liv! Is this not the cutest hoodie you've ever seen? My brain doesn't even understand how someone can sew something like that!? Etsy shop here

One day (about 6 weeks from now) I will be actively taking advantage of all the great tutorials from these creative girls, and I will no longer be living under a rock.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart...hang in there!!! YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!! We are very proud of you and know that this has been very hard.

Be gentle on yourself and then we will have a scrub burning party!!! Whohooooooo :)

Love, Us in Oregon

Willi Nixon said...

Haha in the picture of Adri's hoodie is my old roommate Jacie. Love her. Such a small world! I'm boring too. My blog is blah and I have nothing to vamp it up.

Anonymous said...

I know these two months are going to be crazy and busy and filled with school, and stressful, and CRAZY! But this too will pass! I think it's good that you can think about it all the time right now and study and do all you need to and then one day you will wake up and feel so free because YOU ARE DONE!
You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are excited for you!
Love you,
mom and dad

Leanne said...

oh my goodness! thanks for the sweet compliments! But I have to say, you and your blog are far from boring and depressing! You just have so much on your plate right now. That makes you the opposite of boring. I am the bored one that spends way too long sewing ruffles :)

Jeremy and Natalie said...

Oh my, that hoodie is SOOOOO cute! I want one!