Monday, March 14, 2011

At the Park

 Taryn is not blogging this month due to studying for DH Boards. This big test is coming up in just a few weeks, so the little amount of free-time she has is spent reviewing these past two years of condensed material that she has been learning in her accelerated Dental Hygiene program. I know she (and the rest of you UCDH girls) are so ready to be done, so just hang in there for these last few days and you'll be there! And just think, maybe one day you will be a CI or even a teacher and you can relieve any of your unresolved issues by torturing your very own set of Hygiene students ;) Just kidding!
Anyway, since Taryn has sworn off blogging until boards are complete, I thought that I could throw down a few lines in her stead. In fact, I may or may not have the new iPad2 and if you didnt know, it now does video and video editing. Its not the highest quality camera around, but it does have an iMovie app that looked pretty cool, so I  wanted to try it out and see what it could do.

This is a video shot and edited with the iPad2 of us at the park by our house. We went on a family jog, and then let Liv out of her stroller to run and play in the park. I must say, it was a ton of fun putting this together! And For those of you who care about new technology,  this was actually a pretty big update from the first iPad (that was pretty cool itself). In my mind, the iPad went from a device primarily to consume media passively to a very capable production tool. Its a lot faster, the screen has a much better picture and the smaller size is actually a better feel (especially when you're holding it in one hand).  The camera isn't great for pictures, but it's not really meant for that now anyway...its more going to be used for facetime chatting and other apps (like an appraisal app that you should check out Eric;) But enough of the tech's the video:


Laura Beth said...

You are a good salesman Brady Hansen! When I come to Utah next I have every expectation of coming to meet you guys and having you teach me the tricks of mac products. You make this seem so easy!!

Sending all kinds of luck Taryn's way. I know she'll do great.

ps. you are awesome for updating her blog. I think it's super cute when husbands do that!

caroline said...

ooohhh! I'm so jealous! I love our ipad and always wish it had the video/camera function. Loved the video to the music. I kept thinking to myself as I watched Liv that she and Lil would make great friends. They both love doggies and duckies:)
praying for you Taryn!

Anonymous said...

So Cool! Dad can't wait for ours to arrive! It's supposed to be mine (he keeps saying that) - I bet I'll be lucky to log a little time because I know he will bw an ipad hog!!

I love Olivia! So cute at the park with nature and animals and momma and daddy - she looks even more grown up than last time I saw her!

Tare - I know you are working and studying so hard!! It will pay off and soon you will be done! We are so excited fro you and your whole class (and your sweet family)! Do good stuff - we are thinking of you and praying for you every day!
~mom and dad

Eric said...

I'll have to check that out. What is the app? Is it something that allows me to complete inspection data gathering on site easier or is it more of a realtor tool (locating comps within a certain radius or something similar?)

Carrie said...

good luck with this last little bit, tare! you'll do great and it'll feel so good to be done.

cute video, brady. thanks for updating the blog while tare is away.