Saturday, February 5, 2011

my b-day

I remember when I started DH school thinking, "I won't be done until I'm 26!?" and that seemed like so far away and so old. But here I I must be done with DH school, right. Well mentally I am, but physically not so much. Only 2 more months!

My parents were in town for my 2 nieces' baby blessings (Penelope and Eleanor) which made for a really nice birthday! Brady woke up with Olivia and made me b-fast in bed. Then me and Livy headed to baby Penel's blessing, while Brady went to work. When I got home, I walked in to a nice little pile of presents and flowers!

Brady took off work early, and took care of Olivia so I could do some crafts, which I thought was pretty thoughtful of him. I made this wreath and a doily heart banner.

That night my parents took everyone out to eat for my b-day! We went to La Jolla Groves at the riverwoods, and I have to say I enjoyed it even more this time. I had been with some girlfriends once before, several months ago, to celebrate Anne's engagement. It was really good then, but this time I was ordering off the dinner menu and oh my, I LOVED it! I got the chicken crepes (the sauce is divine) and Brady got the salmon which was also divine.

My special b-day treat!

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Laura Beth said...

Tar! You didn't post what was IN the presents. Booo. Hahha your birthday outfit is lovely though. I love those boots and jeans! Dark jeans are so hard to find here!!