Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiny dancer

Olivia is now 17 months and we have been extremely spoiled to have so much special time with our sweet girl. This is a home video for us, so I don't expect anyone to watch the whole 4 1/2 minutes, but here it is if you are interested to see what life is like with a toddler.

She is such a good helper and not only loves to take the milk out and put it back in the fridge, but also loves to sweep the floor with the broom, and vacuum.

She gives kisses freely to Mama, Dada, milk (2:45 in the video), and doggies. Lately, she's been giving them to random strangers as well, like the optometrist and little boys at the store. Daddy has his work cut out for him.

She a busy busy bee and loves attention.

She no longer takes 2 naps. Sad day for me.

She is starting to test her boundaries. She'll always stand up in her highchair (see the last pic of this post) and wait for us to say "sit on bum bum", and then sit and immediately stand up again.

She usually laughs when she falls (1:13 in the video)

If she's not laughing, then she needs a kiss after a fall (4:27)

When we went to the doc last month he said she should have about 5-10 words and we were happy to report that she has 4x's that amount. Here are some of her latest words:
up, down, on, off, open, help, Jesus, shoe, hat, more, please, teeth, keys, outside, oh, wow, woah, mama, dada, hi, baby, ruff ruff, neigh, eyes, bum bum, no, nose, yes, yeah, ba bye, done, hot, go, yay, backpack, bub bub (meaning bubble), again (sounds like ah-na), rub rub (for lotion), butt (as in belly button), wa wa (water), ba (ball), poo poo (which is prob so gross to a lot of people but this is my favorite thing she says because it soooo funny and adorable the way she says it.)

She'll say, "pa poo", and I say, "Do you have poo poo?", and she nods her head and says "yeah pa poo, yeah pa poo."

The other day we were getting ready to go somewhere and she was frantically running around to get her shoes on (because she knows we can't go outside until they're on) and then she saw that Brady didn't have his shoes on and she said, "Dada shoe ba-bye". Its cute to see her trying to put sentences together, and to hear her babble alllll day long. I love it, and her.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy...our precious girl is really growing up! I love the update and cherish every moment we have with your sweet family!

Thanks for the post.

Gma and Gpa Hansen :)

Carrie said...

sweet girl in her little pigtails! she sure does love that milk!

Anonymous said...

That is one BUSY cute girl! She sure loves milk and mom and dad! It went so fast - I could have easily handled another 4 or 5 minutes - I love watching her! Love how cute she is in her piggytails! All the jumping and spinning and smiles and words!

Dev & Di said...

The blue scrubs really add the perfect touch :) you guys are so presh!

Miranda said...

She is so adorable! I love her kissing the milk! Priceless :)

caroline said...

what a little mover and shaker! cute video! I can definitely relate on some of those milestones... particularly the boundary testing. Good thing these babies are so dang cute!

Tyler + Zahara said...

oh I just love how much she gives kisses to the milk carton haha! You are so good with your little girl :)

Kendra said...

I love the videos you guys make. And so so cute with all the kisses to the milk jugs. She's darling.