Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Morning

Olivia LOVED Easter! She's really started to be expressive and it was so much fun to watch her excitement.

This picture sums up the entire day:

And then right after this was taken she accidentally dumped the entire basket out, but I thought it made for a cute picture. 

We kind of had to throw things together, because we got home from our Zion's trip on Saturday evening.
I'm thankful that she's still young and doesn't need too much to get excited. Her basket consisted of a few mini eggs filled with jelly beans and chocolate, a dora watch (from the dollar store), and some Easter stickers. Also, we bought that little pink chair because all the sudden she always wants her own seat so she can sit like a big girl. 

 She was a joy to watch! Her eyes always dancing with excitement, and just absolutely thrilled that the eggs had candy inside!


danielle said...

she is such a doll! love her expressions!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE theses pictures! I love sequence of them and how it shows her expressions of discovery of first the basket and then that there is CANDY in that egg! I also think her chair is so cute! What a fun idea to have her child size chair.