Friday, April 29, 2011


One of the fun things about getting married is blending the traditions you have from both families. I'm actually not being sarcastic, I really do love that I get to take my very favorite traditions and then add fun new ones!

My very favorite tradition on Easter is dying eggs. I think they're pretty, and its fun to try and come up with different things to put on them. This year I pretty much did it by myself. B isn't quite as into it as much as me, and that's okay. I'm excited for when I have kids old enough to have fun coloring eggs with me! I saw this video from Martha on using a lace pattern for eggs and I thought I'd give it a go.

Mine aren't as picture perfect as hers, but I really liked them anyway and will probably do it again next year.

We always colored eggs the night before Easter and then the Easter Bunny would hide them outside the next morning. Brady's favorite was finding candy eggs hidden inside. SO we combined the two and had all the plastic candy eggs hidden inside, and the real eggs outside. Olivia wouldn't have understood "Easter Bunny" anyway this year, but B is kind of thinking that we shouldn't tell our kids there is an Easter Bunny at all. What do you think about that? I don't know what I think yet. Easter Bunny is fun and all, but its still fun even when you know its just your parents that did all the crazy hiding of the eggs. Hmmm.

I love deviled eggs! B makes really good deviled eggs with more than just your avg. mayo and mustard. I left it up to him to make them this year, and they were tasty. He was trying to be fancy because we heard on some morning show to use a frosting bag with a star tip when putting the mixture into the egg. We don't have any frosting bags or tips, so he cut a star shape in a plastic bag. They ended up looking like p....well I'll just let you use your imagination. It was a good effort though!

A new tradition for both of us (we talked about after seeing all my smart friends and family's posts about Easter) will be next year when we do an Easter countdown the week leading up to Easter, and do all the egg hunting, baskets, and candy on Saturday so that Sunday we can focus on the true meaning of Easter with church and family. I'm always looking for ways to focus on the Savior so if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them!


danielle said...

b's deviled eggs look yummy, even if they aren't all fancy. and again, I love that lace idea for dying eggs!

Carrie said...

i love having traditions too! i think not doing the easter bunny is a great idea. i hate when my boys ask if those types of things are real. i always feel torn. on the one hand, i want them to have a childhood. i want them to celebrate in the same way i did as a child, but i don't want to lie to them and i especially don't want them to miss the true meaning of these holidays. i think we're going to do the 'secular saturday/ full week of countdownr' thing from now on too.

kjirsten said...

Olivia looked precious in her Easter dress!! Like a little doll! Looked like a nice Easter at the Hansen home - you guys did a good job. - We do the Easter bunny . . . it's just tradition, but we do try to separate it from the true meaning of Easter. I don't think my kids think about the "Easter bunny" as much as they just think about finding their baskets . . . so maybe we really don't "need" to use the Easter bunny at all, and could just do what Brady suggested, and let, us - the parents - get the credit! That's an interesting thought! p.s. Where did you get that gorgeous purse?

taryn said...

Thanks kjirstie! The purse is now my diaper bag- from target :)