Sunday, April 3, 2011

I took my written National Boards Exam on Friday. I basically walked out (after 6 hours start to finish) and had no idea what had just happened. I remember nothing from the exam, except that I felt like I only knew 10 out of 350 questions. Apparently thats normal. I can't tell you how I feel about it because I really don't remember. Brady had such a nice weekend celebration planned for me and I'll get to that later.

We had sooo much fun, but we also missed Olivia a lot! We even snuck home early just to see her, and when she went off to bed we left again (my mother-in-law was tending her). Kind of pathetic, but we adore our little girl to pieces.

When we were home for good on Sunday, we couldn't stop taking pics of the cute little thing.

I have to explain the pic below. It was during the opening prayer for conference. Usually we say "prayers" and she'll fold her arms. We're still working on getting her to close her eyes. This time though, she didn't want to stop eating, so she just closed her eyes and kept on eatin! I shouldn't be taking pics during prayers, but it was too funny and I wanted to remember it forever.

Debi told us she had been a joy the whole time, but that this morning she had woken up at 6:30 (usually wakes at 9:00) and had thrown up. Poor little thing. But she was acting normal until all the sudden she threw up again. After 3 diaper blow outs and 3 outfit changes, we finally got smart and let her stay in just her dipe. She still wanted to wear her headband from grandma Debi though :)

Its the saddest thing to have your child be sick. This is her first full blown sickness (with all the vomit, diapers, fever, and lethargy included). Its pathetically adorable. I get tears in my eyes and laugh at the same time. She's so sweet and cuddly, but its also so sad that she doesn't even have the energy to play. 

All this sweet cuddly time definitely makes up for having to change her bedding twice and do two extra loads of laundry.


the hansen's said...

Yee-haw!! You did it Taryn :] I bet ur soo glad to be done. I love all the pics you have posted. The headband is adorable with her new bangs.

Anonymous said...

YAY, Taryn!! So good to be done and even though it is a blurr that you barely remember - I'm sure the results will be spectacular!! It's just hard to wait for four weeks for the results - or maybe it's just good not to even have it in your thoughts anymore!

Thank yuou grama Debi for all your help and babysitting the sweet Liv! I know it helped with studying, taking the the test that day, and the fun of a getaway for Taryn and Brady and they knew she was in such kind and loving hands! Love the headband - good pick!

Love all the pictures - she is so special and I'm so sad she is feeling sick!

Anonymous said...

PS LOVE the curls in her hair! In some of these pictures she looks a lot like you and in the the first picture in the post below by a
"after", she also looks a lot like you!

Carrie said...

the pic of her closing her eyes for the prayer, but continuing to eat, reminded me of that home video of you when you were around the same age. someone was saying the prayer for the food and when the camera pans across you, we see you opening one eye to grab a roll. LOVE that one!

Becca Jane said...

Hi, I just blog-hopped over here, but I just have to tell you how GORGEOUS your little girl is! So beautiful! I love her crazy-hair pictures little girl can get some of the best bedhead too! Cute blog!!