Monday, April 4, 2011

sweet dreams

My B often texts me 1 or 2 pictures while I'm in school.

this was what I received this morning :(
along with the explanation that she had slept in until 10, and then had thrown up all over everything.
btw, her hair is not in a ponytail.

When I got home for the day at 12 (yay for getting out early) they were both cuddled up on the couch.

She didn't move all day. Just wanted to be held non-stop, and cuddle. 
She slept the majority of the day, but when she was awake she was moaning and could barely keep her eyes open.
The poor dear.

We didn't mind at all, and actually loved having her to hold and cuddle all day.
It reminded me of Elder Scott's talk on Sunday morning where he shared the story of that special time he had staying up all night with his son who was sick.

Olivia will get better, but we still treasure this time just the same.
Watching her heavy eyes start to fade away and having her breathe heavy sleepy sighs is just such a sweet and special time, 
when you know she needs you. You know that you are comforting her and there is just simply no greater feeling.

We have listened to a lot of lullaby's and done a lot of rocking.
Here are two of my favorites that are now stuck in my head.

The shadows are waltzing
The moon beams are calling
Like a dream I am falling into
Silver threads lined with two twinkling stars
Seem to shine just for you

Behind your eyes
Are endless blue skies

There's nothing that I would not do
For my dream is sweet dreams for you
-Sweet Dreams by Jewel 

Fly like a raven
Black honey into the night
Soft like the air beneath
A swan in her flight
Then return back home to bed
Bring the dancing stars
Sleep and dream
And know that I am near

Close your eyes
Don’t ask why
Let’s dream together you and I
Oh, close your eyes
We will fly 

Dreaming together you and I
-Raven by Jewel


Anonymous said...

Oh oh sweet little Olivia...I hate that she really is so sick :( I do love the cuddles when kids really need you though. Is she drinking lots and Popsicles?

She is my little sunshine!!!

Get better doll :)

Love, Gma Debi

Anonymous said...

That first picture is a keeper! She looks so sick and sad! I am sorry sweet Olivy! I know what good care mommy and daddy are providing and if heals, she'll be better in no time! Enjoy the cuddles and give her a get well hug from grammy!

Anonymous said...

the word "love" is supposed to be between if and heals. (I really need to start proof reading before I hit send)

Tyler + Zahara said...

so sweet :) I really want that CD now! ha

Carrie said...

poor little baby!