Monday, April 11, 2011

Mountain West Burrito

A few weeks ago, I had taken Olivia to the park and we were missing B. I texted him to meet us for lunch, and he suggested we meet at Mountain West Burrito. 
Its literally two seconds from our place, and its delicious.

Everything is made from local produce and its so fresh.
Plus they had rummy kub out for us to play while we ate...which really just meant that Olivia tried to hoard all the pieces for herself.
We've eaten there twice since then. 
Located on State Street in Provo. Across from Crestwood Apts and Chevron.

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Kendra said...

Sweet! Glad to get a good recommendation to go there. Especially since we live around the corner in Willowbrook. I'll definitely have to try it out soon.