Saturday, April 23, 2011

President's Club @ Zion's

The company my husband works for does something called 'President's Club', where only the best of the best will make it in. They hold it every year, and everyone in the company is essentially competing for this award and a spot in the prestigious club. 

B made it! And as a side effect of marrying a hard worker, I got to go along for the ride :)

We were treated so nicely- a beautiful hotel room, fancy dinners, a duffle bag full of ipad and iphone accessories, a Patagonia vest (one for him and one for me), and Brady received an awesome crystal trophy and a beautiful handmade italian watch. We were definitely not expecting anything like this. This was so nice of the company and Brady (and I, even though I didn't do anything, ha!) felt so appreciated.

It was really awesome for me to get the opportunity to meet the the President and Directors of this great company. Simply Mac is a company with great values and I was impressed by everyone I met there.

This year it was held in Zion's National Park. After we checked into our hotel (The Desert Pearl Inn), we explored the main street, and then went to a nice dinner at the Switchback Grill. We failed to get any pictures together during this entire trip. Oh excuse me, we actually have 2. The one above, of the backs of our heads and then one of us hiking. I wish we could remember to get pictures together!

The next morning we hiked the Emerald Pools trail. 
We only have about a million pictures, so get ready for an attack of the collages:

That evening the awards ceremony was held at the Majestic View Lodge.
Brady and Steve Bain (President of Simply Mac)

Joel, Jon, Blain, Brady, Steve, Tyler
Brady receiving his award from his manager, the president, and the directors.
He and Blain are goofballs.
Brady receiving his watch.

It was such a fun trip!


danielle said...

looks beautiful there!!

Laura Beth said...

Alright. I'm going to the first mac store I can find in Calgary and looking for the single men. I want some free accessories! hahaha

Leandra said...

I should have sent my flat stanley with you! She would have loved Zions :)

if we had money for an Ipad, Brady would definitely be our guy.

Carrie said...

that is so cool! and beautiful pictures! it looked like a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

WOW! They took good care of you guys and set you up right! The area is beautiful and looks like a great hiking/exploring place! I'm glad they did this to let Brady (and others) know how much they are appreciated! For a new and growing company like this an excellant sales person like Brady is worth his weight in gold! You are AWESOME Brady - CONGRATULATIONS! WE are proud of you for ALL your accomplishments (especially best husband and father to Taryn and Livy)!
love, mom