Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanksgiving point

I can't even explain how nice it was to go to bed last night (Sunday evening) and know that I didn't have to wake up for school today. It was amazing to be able to just hang out with my family all evening and not have to leave early to do homework or study.

This weekend has been quite nice too! I ENJOYED the weekend. No studying and nothing looming over my head.

My parents took Liv, and her cousins (along with the Moms) to Thanksgiving Point

On the drive up Livy, Addie, and Ellie had all fallen asleep, so Sarah and I stayed by the cars and chatted while the others went in and had lunch. My parents brought us out something really yummy. I must have been really hungry because I don't even know what it was. Chicken Salad maybe. It totally hit the spot.

Olivia woke up and we headed over to the gardens. When she saw the waterfalls, she was beside herself with joy. She wanted to get out of her stroller, and then proceeded to pace back and forth biting her finger, pointing at the falls, smiling, and saying "wa wa"

I finally took her hand and she tried to RUN down the giant hill towards the water.

 After spending an ample amount of time at the waterfalls, we headed up to the tents. Grampy bought us some homemade doughnuts, and all the other kids did a craft. Olivia chose to play in the dirt instead of doing the craft. She knows what she likes.


Willi Nixon said...

I love this :) We are all feeling so carefree these days. Can't wait to enjoy my life haha

McBride Fam said...

what a fun way to enjoy the semi-spring weather! I absolutely LOVE your graduation dress, where did you get it? I am in desperate need to find a cute dress for Carter's blessing next week!

taryn said...

Thanks Whit! Its from Shabby Apple :)

Dave and Jessica said...

Cute pictures....looks like so much fun! Loving enjoying all this freedom huh!? It is fabulous! Hope you are well!

mandy harline said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your graduation pics, too! Well done to all three of you! I cancelled my Facebook account (I needed to simplify my life and that was an easy one to kick to the curb!), so I'm glad I can still see all of your gorgeous photos of your gorgeous girl! :)

Leandra said...

Thank you for being a super model Taryn.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun day! Like Jack said "This is the best day ever!" We all had a great time! The kids are all adorable and I love everything about them and love watching them and love how much they love each other! It was areally fun day for your first day after graduation where you didn't have to get up early and leave or worry about studying etc.! YAY for being done with school!
love you, mom