Sunday, June 5, 2011

Date Night

Friday night we went on the typical dinner and a movie date (Not typical in a bad way! I love ANY time I get to have alone with my husb). After ah-mazing sushi from Sakura, we went to the dollar movie to see The King's Speech. Is it rated R or not? We saw it win a billion Oscars and so then we thought maybe we should see it, but we probably forgot about it because it was rated R. Then last night, when we decided on a whim to go to the theater we saw that it was playing at Movies 8 and the rating was PG-13. We double checked because we were so confused and it was most def PG-13.

Then halfway into the movie we laughed because you could see how they had edited out the all the cuss words. Funny but appreciated! We had both scoffed at all the Oscars it won because really, how interesting does a movie about a King with a stutter giving a speech sound? It was funny and I got teary at one point. Only in Utah would they be able to edit a movie, change its rating, and still show it in the theater.

Back up a little. Before the movie started, we had taken our aisle seats (if you know Movies 8, you know its small and the aisle is right down the middle) and were enjoying our kettle corn. The theater was jammed full, and the lights had just dimmed, and here come the 2 most zoobie BYU students I've ever seen (I love BYU, don't get me wrong). They were frantically looking for seats, zooming down the aisle. He was holding a giant soda, and she was holding their giant popcorn bag. While continuing his quick pace down the aisle, he turned his head back to double check they hadn't passed any good seats up, and at that exact moment she just stopped and turned around for no apparent reason. She ran into him so the drink basically exploded as they collided. She screamed and threw the popcorn everywhere, and Brady happened to be sitting right below the action. They were really embarrassed but instead of apologizing they just ran away and disappeared into the night. B was a bit angry, but after going to the bathroom to clean up he realized how hilarious it was. We had another good laugh after the movie was over and we were all shuffling out of the dark theater and wading through a large pile of popcorn.

It seems we've had a lot of good laughs this weekend. Jumping on fry sauce packets, popcorn flying everywhere, and blatantly edited movies. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...that is hilarious!!! Come on Brady, be a good sport. ;) I can't believe they ran away.

Love you guys,

Kendra said...

Silly, silly girl. They didn't just edit the movie in Utah. The company edited it and re-released it to the world as PG-13. You can still opt to see either version in a lot of places. They did it because they thought it was an important film that should be made available to a wider audience. But yeah, nice so we can see it, eh? I still need to go. And very funny about the popcorn.

taryn said...

Kendra, I actually found out about the re-release to the world tonight haha. I guess I'm just not as up to date on my pop culture. Thanks for keeping me updated ;)

Marsha said...

So nice (and important) to have date night! Glad you had such a yummy and hilarious evening! I wonder if the couple found a different seat or left the theater all together? (for the cost of popcornat the theater, I would have picked it up and put it back in my bag - haha)! I really enjoyed that movie also!