Saturday, June 4, 2011

Potty Training...

I'm actually just kidding. I pray that she won't be the 4 year old that's still in diapers, but she honestly couldn't care less about getting her diaper changed. 

I KNEW she needed a change and when I asked she replied in her sweet tiny voice, 'no'. This happens every time, despite me asking over and over hoping that she'll realize how disgusting a dirty diaper is and change her answer. So this time after she said no, I said, "do you want to go potty in the big girl potty chair?". She immediately and silently got off the couch and then while walking to the bathroom calmly said, "yeah, yeah, yeah". So I thought it couldn't hurt and maybe even get her thinking its "cool" to go in the big girl potty. I'm not really worried or anything because I know she's young, but just wanted to introduce the idea.


Anonymous said...

oh little are growing up so much. I am missing out. I better hurry down and see you and Avery Ann.

Love you BIG girl :)

Gma Debi

Dallas - Jaycie - Ashton - Baby Boy #2 said...

Taryn I will be honest I am completely terrified of potty training Ashton! He's gone a few times in the potty, but really I have no idea what Im doing! Let me know if you have any great ideas! :)

AmyJ said...

Not a bad idea. I did that with mine...just so the potty wouldn't be scary to them when it was time to potty train.

Marsha said...

Big girl Olivia! It's always good to have a few test runs before the the actual event occurs!
love that girl!