Thursday, June 30, 2011


1 & 2- playing outside; 3 & 4- swinging in our sweet neighbor down the streets backyard. Liv and I take walks fairly often down the street and back, and one day the man at the end of the street asked if we wanted to play in his yard (they have a chain link fence so we could see the FUN yard that he has). We let ourselves in and his wife told us to come back anytime. So glad there are still nice people in the world. 5- 2 dozen beautiful roses from my in laws for mother's day; 6- Date night = Sushi rolls!!!; 7- When I was sick I never dressed her and let her feed herself leftover green beans from the night before; 8- Liv, so proud of herself for figuring out how to climb all the way up there. She is such a climbing monkey these days; 9- Liv and Avery! Cousins visiting Grandma Hansen; 10- Liv shivering and saying, "cooode" (cold) because the air conditioning just kicked on; 11- King Kong cones from Macey's on a hotttt day; 12- Photobooth pics from Blickenstaff's; 13- My new favorite cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy = German chocolate. Go getcha one; 14- Free ice cream from Jason's Deli! Every time we visit Daddy at work (right next to JD), Liv thinks we're getting ice cream :); 15- Pretty little girl loving her veggies; 16- Picnic up the canyon; 17- Trying to get the fire started; 18- Peaceful river; 19- microwave s'mores...never got the fire going; 20- Gotta love that hair!


kjirsten said...

Fun pictures!! I love how many different expressions you catch on Liv's face. Looks like you're having a GREAT summer! We're excited to see you, one of these days, SOON! Love you!

Carrie said...

ah! isn't summer the best? these pictures capture it so well. and what a sweet neighbor to let you come play in their backyard!

danielle said...

omg, liv looks just like you in #4!! love all the pics, makes me totally want to get an iphone, mac, ipad everything. haha.