Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July: 2011

After putting Liv down for the night I was home alone while B worked the night shift. Sometimes I enjoy getting some time all to myself, and sometimes I get lonely. On this night I was feeling the latter and missing my husband. So when he did come home around 9:30 I decided we needed an improtu date night. We grabbed our camping chairs, cell phone monitors (to listen for Liv), chips and a coke, and headed down the street to the open field to watch the stadium of fire fireworks show!

Cant beat that view! LOVE those mountains.

On the morning of the 4th (Monday), we rolled out of bed at 8:30 and were wondering if we were too late to even try to catch the Provo parade. After some deliberation, we decided to try. After all this time here, I had only been once (with my rommate). We waltzed up just as it was about to start, and grabbed a front row seat by the crosswalk. That's the beauty of only being a family of 3 I guess. No need to camp out all night to get good seats :) 
The man above gave all the kids some flags to wave, which was just perfect because every time a band or any music marched by, Olivia stood and danced while waving her flag proudly. If she ever wasn't holding it and she heard music coming she would turn and frantically grab it and hop up on her feet. It was pretty cute if you ask me.

After the parade, we headed to my sister's for a barbecue and slip n' slide!

Olivia didn't quite understand the slip n' slide, but as you can see from above, she was fine just drinking up the run off water that collected on the basketball court. That's our girl!

Nope, not done yet.
We couldn't let the evening finish without a few little fireworks of our own.
On our way out, Liv had to check out what the buggies were up to first (her latest obsession).

She loved the snaps.

Pretty much all these photos are blurry, but I get a kick out of her reactions.

This girl has got the best expressions (below). She goes from kind of nervous, to thinking its fun, to wondering why its taking so long for the next one.

We let her stay up late, and I think she was getting a little tired by this point.

 The above pic was just funny to me because I squatted down to talk to Liv and she immediately hopped up onto my lap. I almost fell over. Either she was tired or just a little scared.

We watched as our neighbors put on a show for us with their BIG fireworks.

And ended with a sparkler.

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Marsha said...

How did I miss this great post?! I LOVE all these pictures! What a great day you had - and how fun that you and Brady got to "see" the Stadium of Fire the night before! I love Liv's faces! It's easy to follow her emotions just by seeing her face! Happy Birthday America! Way to celebrate!