Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its time!

Olivia has been patiently waiting to go swimming all summer. First it was too rainy and cold, then I was sick, then she was sick, then I was sick, but now its time!

B and I have been so excited for her to go swimming in a real pool instead of just the tub. She loves splashing like a fishy in the tub, so we knew she'd love the big pool. Has it really already been a year since her first swim? Anyway, here she is...all dressed up and ready to go!

We had decided to go to the Scera pool, and wanted to get there at 10am because B had to go to work in the afternoon, and we wanted to make it worth our time. We got all dressed and packed up, and roll into the empty parking lot to find out that it doesn't even open until 12:30. Boo. They're missing out on some money. I know a lot of toddler moms that would go and be gone before noon. Just sayin. So Scera pool manager, if you read my blog you should really open earlier. Luckily my sister said we could go up to PG to her pool so that's just what we did!

In case we were doubting if she liked the pool, this is what she did when we took her out just to let us know she was not down with leaving:

And by the time we got home she was all tuckered out.


caroline said...

cute little swimming suit! Lils cries when we get out of the pool too! we will need to get them together to swim when you get out to TX. Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love her cute suit :) so fun! Summers in utah are the best huh?

danielle said...

yay!!! liv finally gets to play in the pool! glad it is getting warmer for you guys, i know you have been anxious to get her to the pool! i love the worn out picks of her, she must have played hard!

kjirsten said...

Such a cute little mermaid! Claire loves to swim too . . . Caleb and Luke had private swim lessons, and their teacher would work a little with Claire after each lesson, so now she thinks she can swim! (She just puts her face in the water and kicks her legs like a dolphin :)Those two little gals would have quite a time together!! :)

Marsha said...

Fun at the pool! She looks so happy (and cute in her stylish suit)! I love her little skinned knees - I can tell she is a busy girl! I am so glad she got to go to the pool because she enjoyed it so much!