Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing with cousins

Last week my sister was in town from Wyoming, and we got to hang out for a little bit while she was here. We went to Blickenstaff's to play with the toys and not actually to buy anything. I bet the staff loves that, ha! We've been twice before and Liv loves it!
Playing with the kitchen set. We had to keep a close eye on Liv because she was really trying to eat all the plastic food. 

Liv is kind of into train right now. Not to the extent Jack is. She mostly just says "choo choo" and does the hand motion at random times in the day.
Addie and Liv playing with the dollhouse
In addition to very fun toys, they have old fashioned sodas and candy (Liv got a sucker for 4 cents)!

Liv, terrified at what she is looking at, which is this...
I know, very scary.
The nose alone is half of Jack's face.
Girl cousins like to hold hands


danielle said...

how cute! it's nice that you guys get to see cousins on a pretty regular basis and I love that they like to hang out with each other! how fun to spend an afternoon in a toy store tOo!

Marsha said...

Oh - what a fun day! All the cousins look so cut and are having so much fun! It's really nice that they can go play with the toys and not want anything - just enjoy the day! I so happy you all got to have some time together! I love these pictures - Utah is so beautiful!

kjirsten said...

Oh those girls are SO sweet!! I love how they held hands (and played with the kitchen and dollhouse)! I sure would love to throw Claire in the mix . . . she's surrounded by brothers right now!

Love you!

caroline said...

So fun to see girl cousins together! My girls would love to play with them too! One of these days....and Kjirst, that is what Claire and baby sister will look like together one day in the near future:)