Friday, August 12, 2011


 It was a total last minute decision for B to walk. I had wanted him to walk in April, and we were planning on it, but things were a little too crazy still (with me being in school, a bunch of big tests, money flying out the door left and right, B working full time, and both of us taking care of our sweet girl) and he missed the deadline to apply and register for graduation then. I was really sad. More sad than he was.

Anyway, we both figured that was that and didn't think about it again. That is until my mom mentioned/asked if he was going to walk in August (it was the end of July). We looked into it for the first time and saw that it was once again way too late. Registration had passed long ago, but this time (since there wasn't quite as much going on) I pushed a little harder and was actually able to get him to do it. After a few phone calls and one meeting he was all set to go!

We were so happy that his family was able to come. We didn't know for sure it was going to happen until one week before it happened, so no announcements were sent at all. We only gave his parents one week of notice so we didn't really expect anyone to come, but they made it work! It was so fun to have them out and I know it really meant a lot to B to have his family there to celebrate his accomplishment.

It was kind of fun that Dr. Barnes (the dean of his college) was handing out the diplomas. They took a trip together to Washington DC a few years ago and have been friends ever since. Dr Barnes gave B a big hug along with his diploma.

Dr. Barnes also came out and found B when the ceremony was over, and met his family.

Liv was pretty good during the commencement, after I settled her down with some fruit snacks and she had all her Grandma's attention. She wanted nothing to do with me now that Grandma was around! I love that she loves her grandparents so much!

After B had walked across the stage, I took her out so she could run around a little bit.

We celebrated with PF Changs, and we got some really good fortunes about hard work paying off soon, and Liv having a water adventure in her near future.

Congrats B! And thank you for walking (even if you only did it for me, I know you liked it).
Thank you for working so hard, especially these past few years balancing husband and father duties with school. Thank you for helping and encouraging me to go back to school even though it meant it would take you longer. Thank you for providing for our family this whole time, and for listening to me when I had multiple meltdowns, even though you were probably just as stressed (if not more). The end of an era is finally here!

Thank you for making the trip out! We love you guys tons and tons!


BradyH said...

Thanks T:) I am glad you had me do felt great and gave me time to reflect on these past few wonderful and busy years together. I love you

the hansen's said...

Yahoooo!!! Congrats Brady :] What a great accomplishment. Now on to more adventures...

Mrs. Ham said...

lets just hope that "hard work paying off soon
" is some school loans!!! haha i love that you updadted a bajillion posts here! miss you! and congrats to B!

Laura Beth said...

Three things

1) Debi is a babe. I want to meet her, and you!
2) Tender hug moment. Brady looks so short.
3) Your outfit is adorable. love.

Marsha said...
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taryn said...

Haha! I thought the same thing about that hug pic! Brady isn't the tallest, but in all fairness Dr Barnes is the tallest man I've met in person.