Saturday, August 13, 2011

Duck Pond

Its been kind of sad to think of all the places we won't be able to visit anymore when we move.
We took a little trip to the botany pond at BYU. They have remodeled it with a deck and a few little waterfalls above the pond. 

I was regretting my decision to stand in the water. It wasn't anywhere near as nasty as the pond water, but there were lots of bugs, and I had to steel myself from screaming multiple times, so as not to ruin the bug love Olivia has going on.

The next two pictures are when Liv was saying "thank you mama" over and over for no apparent reason. Sweet little girl.

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Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of all of you!!! You are our little sweetheart Miss Olivia. Can't believe you are almost 2~~~!!!

Love, Gpa and Gma Hansen