Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye Utah

We'll miss those mountains...and that view.

And a few other things.

Bridal Veil Falls . no humidity . Timpanogos . the low number of bugs per square inch . beautiful snowy white winters . city festival days . Mountain West Burrito . Friends . Rooftop Concerts . KSL Classifieds (we have literally made thousands on there) . dental hygiene friends . The Chocolate . Twilight Concert Series . the apt that we brought our very first baby home to . BYU campus . Apple Spice Junction . running on the Provo High track (i know that's weird since there are so many more beautiful places in Provo to run, but I loved it) . the Beehive Bazaar/Bijou market . good neighbors . having a Temple within a 5 minute drive . family . where we met and fell in love . where we started our family and had some of the very hardest and very best times of our lives. 


Anonymous said...

:) :) :) So many doors to close! Keep those memories in your hearts.'

We love you!

Oregon Family :)

the hansen's said...

Love this picture! I especially love how Brady is posing with his phone. haha