Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We made it! We are finally here in Texas! We're trying to make this state our home, but its only been 2 days.

We only left 3 months and few days later than we had originally planned, ha! We just couldn't leave Utah, but it was time. I'm actually grateful for all the extra time we had there because I finally truly felt ready to leave. I don't think I even shed any tears when we left. Probably because I had already cried about 5 weeks ago when we thought we were leaving and when we had to say goodbye to loved ones and some of our furniture (like O's dresser that we put so much work and love into). Is it weird to be that attached to some things? Since then, I was able to come to terms with moving on.

I guess we actually picked the right time to come seeing as how the 100+ degree weather has broken and the humidity isn't near as high as it has been here in Texas. This summer came 1 day short of breaking the record of 40 consecutive days of 100+ degree weather. Phew! Glad we missed it!

We are so grateful that my parents were able to fly O back to TX with them! That made the drive a whole lot more bearable. My mom said O was a little angel on the plane, just played with her lace and trace, colored a little, played peek-a-boo with Brett and Shannon, and even fell asleep for a bit. They had 2 layovers making it a total of 3 separate flights, spanned 4 states, and a time change, so it really was a blessing she behaved so well. People even commented on what a good travel girl she was. After such a long trip she only wanted her Grammy to hold her. 

However, since B and I have arrived little girl has had it a little rough. I really feel for her. I'm sure she is a little confused and wondering where our little home went. The only thing we have right now for her to recognize is the rocking chair (which we were barely able to fit in our car) and her 'night night blankie'. Everything else is completely different, and not hers.

She wants to be held non-stop and carried from room to room, and has forgotten her bonding moments with her Grammy and Uncle Brett. She cries if we ever leave the room.

We shipped just about all of our stuff in a Ubox (like a POD but a whole lot cheaper), and will go pick it up tomorrow. Hopefully unpacking some familiar things will help her feel more at home. I am dreading unpacking not only because I don't know where everything is going to fit, but because I fear so many things will be broken.

The first day we arrived it was a little weird to be here knowing that it wasn't a vacation; we will be here (in TX) for at least 5 years. We are slowly starting to feel more at home, and I am enjoying getting back to my roots.

I pushed O in the very swing I remember swinging in when I was a little girl, and we watched giant colorful dragonflies (one of the very few bugs I don't fear) the size of my palm fly by. We laid in the hammock in the backyard I grew up in and listened to the cicadas and crickets sing their songs while enjoying a warm breeze rustling the treetops. Yeah, slowly but surely, we'll make this place our home.


Mrs. Ham said...

sweet! congrats on the move and making it safely! i'm way excited for you guys and to read about your new adventures!!! xo

Laura Beth said...

I feel like you guys are just going to get even cuter living out there. That last paragraph made me a little teary eyed.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet little family...what wonderful adventures lay ahead of you! We loved our time in Oklahoma with those warm people and even warmer summers ;)

Thankful that you made it safely. Your parents are a godsend for flying with Olivia!!! What a little trooper she was.

I bet it is a little weird for her right now but before you know it she will feel "home" again.

I loved your description in the last paragraph. Give your parents a big hug for helping you and Brady so much at this important crossroad!

We love you 3 sooooo very much!

Grandma Debi and her sidekick Pops and Miss Hay

the hansen's said...

Yahooo!! You guys made it :] I hope little Olivia is doing better. I am sure life is overwhelming for her right now. She is lucky to have such a wonderful family to surround her thought!Hope you are enjoying your old home town :]

caroline said...

yay! we're so glad you made it! and now we are dying to see you guys. Poor Liv, that's a lot of change for a little girly. She just needs to play with Lily and she will feel all better;)

Marsha said...

YAY!! We are so happy you are here! We hope you love it here as much as we LOVE that you are here!!
mom& dad