Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin painting

We had a fun pumpkin painting playgroup one week this month. Liv is slowly learning how to interact with other kids. She is always super excited when I tell her in the mornings if we are going to get to play with kids on that day. We've had a lot of kids to play with lately (cousins, playgroup, nursery at church, halloween parties, and a play date with some of my friends from high school). She'll walk around saying "kids" and "bye-bye" meaning "let's go mom!", or when I reply and say"yeah we're going to see the kids today!" she'll just cover her mouth and giggle. The funny thing is, when we actually see the kids, she doesn't really play too much with them. For example on this day, all the kids were painting pumpkins so she went and played on the play set first. I had to start painting her pumpkin for her and then she realized she wanted to do it with everyone else. She marches to the beat of her own drum I guess.

Concentrating very hard:

She loves to line things up. She started with rocks (at our place in UT) and now even in nursery, during snack time, she lines up all her fruit snacks. I stayed with her one week and then was asked to sub the next. So much for teaching her to go in by herself, haha!

Lucy and Laney painting their pumpkins

I thought she looked adorable in her smock. I didn't take it off of her because I knew she'd go back for more painting. And she did.

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