Friday, October 28, 2011

Witches, black cats, and SPIDERS

The other day my mom pulled out some Halloween decorations and let Olivia hang some of the widows stickers. She learned all about witches and black cats (because she already knew what the pumpkins and spiders were).

 Do you love the little finger prints all over the window? My poor parents.

She pulled this Halloween welcome mat {that my mom had inside in front of the front door in the foyer} into the living room where she kept saying, "tucky" which is what she says when she wants to get tucked in for bed. She totally pulled in over herself and then pretended to be asleep.

This girl is too funny!

This was also the day that B informed me that there was a spider in the bathroom, but not to be alarmed or do anything like try to kill it when I saw it, because he had been keeping it as a pet for the last few days. He and Liv have been getting tiny bugs from outside and bringing them in to feed this spider. His counter to my first response (which was obviously that we needed to go ahead and get rid of it immediately) was that it eats all the other bugs that might be around. I haven't seen any other bugs so maybe he's right. He also thought we should leave at least for Halloween because it was a good decoration.
I'll let it stay for a little longer, mostly because its so small and doesn't scare me too much.

As I'm writing this, he and Olivia have caught a lizard and are also keeping that as a pet. 
My first suggestion was to feed the spider to the lizard :)

Oh and if you were wondering, she doesn't like to wear clothes when we're home. She understands that she has to put clothes on when we leave the house, but as soon as we come back home she takes them off. 

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Anonymous said...

hahaha....this is all so great! Love the Halloween decor, especially on Dada! How funny is our little girl about getting all "tucky"! Of course she had to have the little pumpkin rug. :)

I am not quite sure what to say about the spider and lizard...YIKES! Her dad did grow up in Oklahoma so he is a little more used to creepy crawlers then a lot of us. But I am with you Miss Tare...awwwww! What a great hobby for our little scientist though. You guys are cute parents.

Happy Halloween. Love the blog, we need to feel like you guys are just around the corner and this does help!

Love, Oregon mom and Gma :)