Thursday, October 6, 2011

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

Let the posts of kids in pumpkin patches begin!

Since it has cooled off to a mere 80 degrees (but seriously it feels sooo amazing after a few days in the 100's) we decided to go to the arboretum and see all the pumpkins. I was really excited for it, and I got Liv pumped up for it too. She was asking for pumpkins in the car on the way and then when we parked the car she looked out the window and with a confused look on her face said "puckins?" I quickly explained that we were about to see them, and she was happy again :)

My parents have a season pass to the Dallas Arboretum so we were able to go this time and see the pumpkins without feeling the pressure of needing to stay all day. It was just perfect and got me all excited for fall!

There were pumpkins lining all the walkways and then there was "Cinderella's Pumpkin Village" which had more than 25,000 pumpkins displayed. There were 4 pumpkin houses with pictures and fun things inside to bring the story to life. Really cute. She thought it was magical.

She wanted to go swimming in the sea of pumpkins, but we didn't let her.

She was really proud of herself for climbing all the way up there :)

Making some new friends in Cinderella's Carriage

Then we walked around more of the gardens and saw one of the coy ponds and more flowers. 
I'm so glad we will finally get to be here to enjoy these gardens during some of the cooler months when the flowers aren't already wilting from the heat.

It was really beautiful and there were like a million butterflies all over those flowers. It was hard to get a photo of because they were opening they're wings at different times, but when they did open their wings they just came to life with light!

Olivia wanted to pet some butterflies and the bees too. She did actually touch the butterfly's wings!

We found out they also have a petting zoo, face painting, and other activities on Mondays and Tuesdays so we will definitely be back for more when it cools off again!


Anonymous said...

What a magical place. She looks like a little princess, everywhere actually but especially in her carriage.

Love you Livy Loooo

Gma Debi

caroline said...

ohh how i love the arboretum!! wish we were closer so we could go with you guys! beautiful pictures- liv is a little doll as always!