Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A note....not a very nice one

To whom it may concern (and I know exactly who it is):

I don't like you very much. I'm sick of waiting for you to give me my TX license. Its getting a bit ridiculous.

Let me make it easier for you. I had an active license in UT, and I sent you a certified letter with the UT state seal confirming this. Also, if you wanted to not be lazy for one day in your life you could just look it up online. Anyone in the world has the right to do so, so I'm sure you could figure it out too.

However, I am well aware that you are, indeed, too lazy to just do that, so I also sent you a million other things (several weeks ago) to further confirm that I am qualified to be a Dental Hygienist here (such as certified copies of all my passing board scores, my social security card, my CPR card, my passport, a letter signed by the Dean of my college confirming my graduation date, and a notarized copy of my diploma). Oh and lets not forget that I paid $50 to get fingerprinted and background checked (as you requested), and I took and passed an additional exam just for you (for $45 more bucks), as well as handed over another $100 to you like you asked for, which I guess you just use for kicks and giggles.

Thanks for taking all my money and then making me wait an absurd amount of time, while I actually really need to get a job because I happen to have a lot of student loans I need to pay off. Should it really take over 5 weeks to simply file/enter that info and print out a license with my name on it? I would understand if it was a busy time of the year, but September (you know, LAST MONTH when you first received all my documents) is not a time when many (dare I day ANY) schools are graduating or filing for licenses. I hope with all my heart that you are actually really busy and not just sitting on your hands, but somehow I just don't think you are.


Okay, its me again. Not that angry person up there :) Don't worry. I didn't actually send this letter. Thank goodness I never intended to, because looking back its a little harsh, huh!? It just felt nice to rant for a minute. So other than waiting an absolutely ridiculous amount of time for my DH license, things are bouncing along. B is tutoring refugees after school and shadowing a doctor who has been really awesome. I have been enjoying my time with the cutest and craziest 2 yr old girl while continuing to wait for that blasted license.


danielle said...

let it out girl!!! i understand how these "official" places seem to draaaaaaag their feet! Hope you get your license soon!

caroline said...

i think you should send it;)
i sent them my money 6 weeks ago for JUST a renewal...still waiting for it in the mail and that's just for a renewal. they DID however make time to deposit my check in the bank though...

Anonymous said...

awww Tare...this is CRAZY!!! Vent away, I would scream too. I love what Caroline said that they had the time to deposit her check. Sorry :(

Love, Debi :_

Tyler + Zahara said...

love this! you go girl! tell those people ha

Dave and Jessica said...

Taryn...I loved this! You should have totally sent it! I hope you have gotten your license by now. Hang in there! Love reading how you, Brady and Olivia are doing! Hope you are loving TX! Miss ya!

mandy harline said...

Ugh! So sorry! What a pain! And stressful, too, when you need to start paying bills!!!!!!!
Can't believe how big and beautiful Olivia is getting! Have taken a bit of a break from our blog, but need to get back. Sure hope all is well for you guys!
Come for a little Houston visit!!