Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All about Liv: 2 yrs (+ 1 and a half months)

  • Yeah, okay Momma/Mommy (her favorite phrase at the moment)
  • Okay my Dada 
  • I see {moon, bubble, buggie, etc}
  • Kishesh (kisses) and then she runs at you with puckered lips
  • Ticken nugs (chicken nugs), I want ticken nugs...meeeeeese (please- this is said while digging her fingers into her cheeks to make dimples and fake smiling)
  • I make a {buggie, uh-fly (butterfly), smile mace, etc}
  • Momma do it (fine when she's handing me the pen so I can draw something, not as cute when she's talking about cleaning up a mess)
  • Ohhhh myyy guhness (goodness)!
  • Oook (look) at me Dada/Momma
  • Guh morneen (good morning)!
She says a lot more than this, but these are some of my faves at the moment. I LOVE talking and having mini conversations with this girl. I hope we always get to have our little chats.


At the tender age of 2 our convos usually go something like this:
  • Liv: I see moon!
  • Me: You see the moon!?
  • Liv: Yeah Momma, its BIG moon! (giggles)
  • Me: It is a big moon isn't it! I see a pumpkin. Liv, do you see the pumpkin?
  • Liv: I see tiny puckin. (whenever she's talking about something tiny she talks in a higher voice and kind of puckers her lips)
If you can't tell, she's really into pointing out things big and tiny. She'll usually draw two of everything, one big and one tiny. Which brings me to one of my favorite convos:
  • Me: There's your big Daddy (pointing at Brady)
  • Liv: Yeah, BIG Daddy, tiny Momma.
Haha, it still makes me laugh even though, unfortunately, I'm not that tiny. I was more trying to show her how big we (the parents) are and how tiny she is. But I'm fine with the other too! More often our conversations consist of me talking and her shutting me down:
  • Me: Look, do you see the Monkey playing with the bunnies (its a curious george episode)
  • Her: *still too enthralled with what is happening on tv to respond to me*
  • Me: Look at those bunny rabbits! They are so cute and tiny!
  • Her: Yeah, okay Momma. *then stares back at the tv*
  • Liv: I want coooo-kee (cookie)
  • Me: *approaching this very delicately* Oh sweetheart, you know what? Its night night time...
  • Liv: *starting to whimper* cooo-kee coo-kee
  • Me: Listen to mommy, we are not going to have any cookies right now. We can brush teeth instead (she thinks her toothpaste "tastes like choc-o-wet" so that usually works)
  • Liv: *desperate now* Coo-kee...yeah okay momma?!

I have to approach anything that I know I will have to say no to very delicately because it usually hurts her feelings when the N word escapes. Like when she filled a toy cup with water and then dumped it on the carpet, or when I saw her on her hands and knees sipping up some naaaasty rain water from outside, or when I caught her pressing all the buttons on the DVD player. If I do accidentally let the word NO escape my mouth (as a knee jerk reaction in such dire circumstances!) without thinking of some other way to stop her, she will look at me with giant eyes and a pouty bottom lip. Then I have to watch her big blue eyes fill with water. Its really the saddest thing ever, and I feel absolutely terrible. I do love that she (usually) runs right over to me and hugs me. If she doesn't come to me, then I go to her, hug her, and tell her that I'm sorry that I scared her. Then I reiterate that (whatever the thing is) is a no no for her to touch but that I love her and she is a very good girl. She usually gets over pretty quick, but for about 4 seconds I feel like the meanest person alive for making a girl as sweet and innocent as her sad.

She is a Daddy's girl through and through! They have a very special bond that I am so grateful for. I think its really sweet (and nice that sometimes she only wants her daddy!). She still always wants her Mommy when she gets hurt though. Even when Daddy is there first, the second she sees me walking up she reaches for me to give her cuddles. I think that's pretty sweet too. There is nothing better than being the one that makes her feel better. This is the age where a kiss heals all. I am trying to soak it up because I know I'll blink and it will be over.

I love how she says her name right now : Yivia, Yivy, or sometimes it comes out Bibee (Not as much anymore as when she was a little younger, but I always thought she was saying "baby" and I would always say "you're a big girl not a baby" then I finally realized she was saying her name).

{Nick names}
  • Tinkerbell
  • Singer girl
  • Bear, bear child, little bear, bear-y
  • Sweetest thing
  • big girl
  • tiniest girl 
I  know, I'm probably a bad mom for sending her mixed messages but she IS both our biggest and tiniest girl! We love her so much!


Carrie said...

i could hear her teeny little voice in my head as i read all of her little quotes. such a sweet girl. i, too, have a daddy's girl on my hands. i get a little jealous sometimes but it really is sweet how they gravitate to their daddies.

danielle said...

you are too sweet that you feel so bad for just saying no! I am afraid I won't have that kind of patience when colt is bigger. She sure is a cutie pie!!