Sunday, November 6, 2011


I let Liv eat ALL of her Halloween candy the other day. 
photo from a Fairy Tea Party earlier this year

I was doing a thing where I would let her choose one piece each day from her pumpkin, but it started becoming such a sad afternoon.

Liv: "pick a ca-nee....puckin"
Me: "oh, you want to pick a candy from your pumpkin?"
Liv: "yeah, okay momma"

Then I'd have to explain to her that she already picked her one piece and she would have to wait until the next day to pick another; of course the next step was tears (like that video I posted below). Usually we'd end up giving her another piece later in the day.

Then I decided, candy is so bad for your teeth and its better to eat it all at once than to snack all day on it (from a dental hygiene point of view). So one day I just gave her the pumpkin and told her she could eat all the candy. She has never been so happy (or so hyper). It was kind of comical! The best part was that she actually would just take a bite of one piece and then get another. Our only rule is that she has to throw the piece she has away before getting another, you can see where I'm going with this, she actually ate less candy because she was throwing it away before it was finished. I was just glad to have it all gone (whether in the trash or in her stomach) because it was always taunting me.

This won't fly when she's older and has a lot more candy, but it works for now. The BEST part is now we never have tears about candy, she's been eating more carrots than ever, and she's back to thinking fruit snacks are candy (of which she only gets one pack a day)!


Anonymous said...

Seriously a very good idea :) Besides, who can say NO to that little face! haha

Love, Mom Oregon

Marsha said...

Those tea party pictures are aorable! What a dolly she is! I remember happy hyper say! She was running in circles and such a happy face to have candy in her hand and mor e for the taking! :)

AmyJ said...

I've hear that's the best way to handle the Halloween candy situation. Love the tea party! Good job! She's such a doll! And she made such a cute little puppy for Halloween. And hang in there with the living situation nag waiting for the next stage to start. It will. You guys are awesome!

AmyJ said...

...and, not nag ( dumb auto correct!)