Saturday, November 26, 2011

chunky circle scarf

Between interviewing and temping I've been filling my time with more
 crocheting projects. I hopped over to this site when I saw my sister
 made this headband. I was going to try the headband, but I got
 sidetracked by a beautiful scarf that I just had to have.

This was a more difficult project than any I'd ever taken on up to this
 point, but after 3 tries (starting and then unraveling and restarting)
 I figured it out! I was seriously so proud of myself. Have you ever
 done something that is way above your level of understanding, but
 instead of quitting you try again (and again, and in my case- again)?
 Well, when you finally get it, it feels really good! And I also have a
 lovely infinity scarf to show for it! It doesn't get much better. 
Now I kind of want one in every color.


Kendra said...

Sweet! I love it and I'm totally going to make it. :)

danielle said...

well done!! now you can make me one :) haha!

Laura Beth said...

Taryn, I would pay for one of those! Make more because lets be honest.. me... crocheting.. probably not happening

Carrie said...

you beat me to it!! I'm working on that scarf too (in creme) and I've started over once already. i wish you were here to explain it to me. i don't seem to have time to figure out the pattern because i have so many things to do. did you know p'nellie's birthday is on THURSDAY!! AHH!! and i'm finishing up a blanket too, so the scarf will have to wait until those things are done.

anyway, great job! i can't wait to finish mine. we can be twinners.

Amanda and KC said...

Taryn! this is legit, seriously i looked at the link too you posted.. there's no way I could figure that out! You're pretty cool!

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love it! I want it! ha good work girl :) Your rock! We read friday night knitting club this month of book club and I have an itch to knit now ha.. I don't know if I will ever find someone to teach me, but it's on my bucket list now!