Friday, November 4, 2011


Monday night we drove up to McKinney to have dinner with my sister, Kjirsten, and her family! I was so happy they had invited us because trick-or-treating is so much more fun with a group, and this was actually Liv's first time to go real trick or treating (because it rained last year).

We have already visited once before this and Liv took to her cousins really easily, which was a relief! She loved playing with Luke and Claire, and Liam was so good to watch out for her too (we didn't get to see Caleb very much that time) and then of course there's Fritz. The first thing she did when we entered the house was look for their dog Fritz. Now you see why she was a puppy for Halloween. LOVES that doggy Fritzy! She even got inside his kennel (should have gotten a pic of that). She stayed and played with him while the rest of us ate. 
Yeah, she only had candy for dinner. I felt like a really good mom, thanks for asking.

Before we even started knocking on doors she squatted down and started eating some candy (I think my Mom wanted to give them the first piece). I guess I don't blame her since she didn't eat dinner.

Liv (the puppy) and Claire (the "superman girl" as she says)

These teenagers couldn't get over how cute they were, and kept telling us they win for cutest kid costumes. Doesn't Liv look like she's having the time of her life!?

People already love dogs, so when you put a cute kid in a soft furry outfit people go crazy! One lady wanted to keep her as her third dog, she was "pet" on numerous occasions, and kids would see her and bend and pat their knees and say "Oh look at the puppy! Here poochie poochie!". Guys, she's not a real puppy :)

Pretty little Claire!

Luke (Karate Kid), Claire, and Liv! Liam and Caleb were long gone with friends by this point.

About halfway through, Liv was done walking and sat in Anna's (who is a newborn baby) carseat. My mom held Anna, Luke took Liv's place in the sit and stand stroller, and Claire kept her rightful place in the sit and stand. Poor Mom (Grammy) and also poor Dad (Grampy) because he pushed Liv in the stroller for the rest of the night. We asked if she wanted to get out and get more candy and she said no, which was fine with me, but her nice Grampy just pushed her stroller right up to the doorstep and she still got tons of candy. This was a cute neighborhood and most of the people actually sat out in the driveway for easier and faster access for the kids. 

When we were making the walk back to the house, she was so happy to have a tray to put her glow stick and some candies in and a "bed" to lay down (when she needed a break from all that eating).

Luke came in and sorted his candy right away! And Claire danced to Halloween music for us. She has the cutest thriller-like dance, I die every time. I wish I would have filmed it.

 We all ate too many Halloween goodies and talked the night away!

Liv's bucket. Full and pretty heavy by the end. 
There's a full sized Snickers right there from the cutest older man.

Several minutes (hours?) later Liam was home with a pretty full pillow case!

And now, days and several pieces of Halloween candy later, this kind of makes me want to throw up :)
Happy Halloween!!!

(I'm sorry, but how did my little baby bumble bee (from last year) grow into a little girl? Its still amazing to me how fast they grow.

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the hansen's said...

oh she is the cutest little puppy! What a fun halloween :] I have never seen those pumpkins light up before!! Very cool