Monday, December 19, 2011


Its Fall! I know its really winter, but things move a little slower around here, and it would seem that it is just now that time of year when the leaves are falling from the trees, and the air has gotten a bit colder. I'm loving the colors and finally being able to enjoy the reds, oranges, and greens that I've been waiting (all fall) to enjoy.

I've had a cold for the last two weeks which then progressed to a sinus infection, and I haven't been sleeping well. Two night ago, it started to rain. I guess that was all I needed. I listened to the rain and slept like a baby, and when I woke up for the first time at 7am, I felt refreshed and relieved that I had actually slept through the night. I was greeted by teh kind of rolling thunder that only Texas can produce and dark cloudy skies; more rain. I rolled over and went back to bed. Heaven!

Today there is a break in the rain and the sun in shining, so we went outside to play. Everyday we go outside, Liv wants to pick an "apple" off the tree. Its actually a pear tree, but she continues to call them apples. Whatev. I'll always pick one for her and she takes a big bite before I can even get inside to wash and peel it. Its just a tree in our backyard so at least I know there were no pesticides used on it, right?! It kind of scares me every time she bites before I wash. 

Today, though, she pointed at the pear tree and said, "tiny apple?"  I looked and saw that there was not a pear in sight. I told her the "apples" are all gone. She was frowning and staring at the tree. I explained that the "apples" went to bed for winter, and they would come back in the summer. She said, "ohhhhh nooooo!" She was already over it immediately after saying that, and it just made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love my little sweetheart and miss her sooooooo very much! I miss her mom and dad too.

Love you all.

Gma Debi :)

Carrie said...

oh, that makes me miss TEXAS. the rolling thunder and the crisp air with the falling leaves. it's been so long since i've been home to experience that. miss it.

and we miss you guys! it really is crazy how fast these kids grow up so it's sad when we don't live close anymore. livy's going to be such a big girl when we see you again. i love her cute little sweater! tell her we love her! and you and brady too. ; )

Tyler + Zahara said...

ha i love how sweet she is and her cheesier :)