Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas evening

On the evening of Christmas the Grants came over and we all had Christmas dinner together! 
The kids table was all I managed to snap a pic of:

Then they got to open their presents from Grammy and Grampy, and Liv and I took sweet baby Anna for a little bit.
Liv loves trying to help with Anna, and she sometimes gets possessive of her even though she's not really her baby.

Liv is really trying to get that pacifier back in but its kind of tricky. Especially when she won't won't let me help AT ALL (its her latest thing to always say "No, Livy do it").

Meanwhile, the Grants were opening their presents.
Cowboy Luke!

These two girls are going to have lots of fun together as they get older.
Claire came in very excited to tell Liv that Grammy had painted her nails, and Liv hopped right off my lap and they ran over to Grammy so Liv could get her nails done too.
Then Claire showed Liv all her make up and gave her a little make over :)

And here is a short video of my adorable niece Claire putting some make up on Liv, then telling me about Santa and his reindeer! 
Liv woke up on Christmas morning a little sick, so that's why she has an extra raspy voice.


Petunia+Poppy said...

aww! sweet little pictures. thank you for posting that video! i don't know little adorable claire and it's a lot of fun for me to see her through video. she's so sweet. and so is livy lou of course, but i at least feel like i know her personality because i've spent a whole lot more time with her.

AmyJ said...

Cute pictures! Looks like such a fun christmas! Love the video!! I love that she says "no, Livy do it!". I used to say that EXACT same thing! (except it was Amy) and my Grandpa started calling me Amy-do, and he still does. Oh, she's just a doll!

Well congratulations on the pregnancy! That's so exciting! Those pictures are sure beautiful! I hope you're feeling well. I'm excited to hear all about Livy as a big sister!

danielle said...

claire is so animated, how fun! what a great christmas!! liv is just a sweetheart! I can't wait to see how she is as a big sister!

the hansen's said...

Oh I just love little O's lips when she puckers! haha