Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa did good!

Santa brought Liv a talking baby complete with highchair, sippy cup, food, stroller/bike, and bed, and a little zhu zhu pet puppy with a dog carrier.
She LOVED the doll and played with it forever before moving on the the stocking.

She liked her little puppy too :)

When she moved over to her stocking, she noticed that the reindeer hadn't eaten all of their carrots so she helped 'em out.

Blurry pic, but she loved this Dora coloring book set.

Two little puppies in her baby's stroller/bike. 
Like I said, she played for a looong time before we ever moved on to presents.

When it was time for presents, and everyone was awake, she liked to bring each present to each person.
 Then she'd stand there until that person said she could help rip the paper, haha!

She was all over the place that morning! It was hard to capture pictures so I just stopped trying pretty early on and decided to just enjoy the moment instead of getting frustrated I couldn't get the perfect shot. She loved every present and seemed to enjoy ripping the paper more than anything else. She would often get all the paper off and gasp, and then was ready for the next paper ripping experience.
I can tell in the pic below, she had just opened her new grey H&M gloves with a little white polka dot bow. She really loves gloves. Even just today she wanted gloves on when we went outside to play even though its 70 degrees here.

Except when she opened this vtech computer from her Grandparents! She wanted that thing out of the box right away!

We actually had to stop giving her presents at this point and left a small pile of the rest because she was just not interested in anything else. We were all giggling at what a techy girl she is because she was annoyed that the mouse on her "pewter" was not wireless. She brought her baby over to type on the keyboard...

...and then was teaching her baby how to walk. There was no prompting, she just did all of this on her own. I wonder where she's seen that? Of course we did that with her but she was only 9 months at the time, and we don't have any other children (yet) so it was just funny.

She's been wanting some slippers so we got her these penguins.

Then we went in and had a huge breakfast (buttery croissants from William Sonoma with their blackberry jam, bacon, sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs, and this blueberry buttermilk thing I found on pinterest (it was a hit, it was actually my second time making it)!

We were all spoiled this year by our families! Among my favorite gifts were a massage gift certificate from my in-laws (I sooo need that!) and this vintage book set from my parents! 


kjirsten said...

I love that we got to be with you guys a little bit that day!! Olivia sure was good at helping us open presents too! Claire also loved Olivia's cute baby (and accessories)! Santa did good! :)

danielle said...

ohhhh how cute is liv? i love that she needed gloves in this nasty texas weather, haha! I also LOVE your vintage books!!

Tyler + Zahara said...

FUN! Such a fun time for you and B :) I love how much she is into the computer and said that comment about wireless ha!! It is crazy how much they know about something that took me forever to learn aka computers :)

the hansen's said...

I love the excitement on her face in all of these shots! She shows so much emotion :] I hope you enjoy your massage! I think that is the best gift ever (howard got me the same thing ;)

caroline said...

I love that Liv was annoyed about the mouse- she's a smart techy girl! we missed seeing you guys this Christmas so it was fun to see pics:) love ya!