Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A fabricated lab schedule

I've been MIA the last couple weeks since our computer had a problem with the graphics card. We had to take it in and leave it for a few days at the Apple Store. Right now I'm posting from my parents computer. It should be fixed soon (fingers crossed), and I can get back to posting! I feel like I haven't posted anything about this new little one and that makes me kind of sad. Thank goodness I've been keeping my own weekly pregnancy journal.

Today I'm doing a guest post over on A Handful of Peanuts for her Feb blog series on love! I met Janine while in Dental Hygiene School. I loved how witty and real she was from the moment I met her. Her job (among a million other things) was to get on to us if we had entered things wrong in the computer, etc. How you can reprimand someone and still have them like you is beyond me, but she could do it! Now that we've both moved away from Utah, I love to read her blog and hear her musings on life. Plus she has two girls about the same age difference as my two girls will be, so I think that's pretty cool too. I even stole the title she came up with for my story because she is that clever (why didn't I think of that?)!

Head over there if you want to know a little more of how we became B + T!

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Jeremy and Natalie said...

I loved reading your story! I love that Brady changed his whole schedule just so he could be with you. So sweet.